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Every people group and region of the world has diverse and specific needs. So do the more than 710 JESUS Film teams. If it's through the JESUS Film or through another evangelism tool, all the JESUS Film teams aim to do the same thing – go tell people about Jesus. During one JESUS Film showing in South Asia, a team had this to say:

"Many of the villagers came for their own entertainment. As they watched, though, they were surprised to see the healing power of Jesus and His supreme power over demons. After, we were asked, 'Is Jesus the true way to salvation?' Without hesitation, we preached to them about Christ, and several of them accepted Jesus as their Savior."

Your gift to the greatest need helps JESUS Film teams continue to share JESUS. Your gift will specifically help the teams share their faith, grow new believers with the needed discipleship tools, and help begin new churches called preaching points. 

Harvest 120"Thomas lived with bitterness towards God for over thirty years. He had rejected God because of the mysterious death of his only son. Then one night, at the age of 72, he came to see the JESUS Film. Before the movie had even finished, he sought out our team and asked forgiveness from the Lord." — Zambia Team

Over the course of JFHP's history, every $3 donated has given one person the opportunity to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ. A gift of $1 a day ($30 a month) ensures JESUS Film teams continue to share the gospel and lives continue to be changed.

Decision a Day
$90 a month

Decision a Day"Dear brothers, this is the first time in my life I have seen such an excellent movie. I heard about Jesus before, but did not know He is so powerful and kind to all people. I know about the gods and goddesses of my religion, but they never sacrificed their lives for saving sinners. I want to become a follower of Jesus!" — A village leader in South Asia.

A gift of $3 a day helps one person today and every day make a decision to follow Christ. Think about it, for $1080.00, 360 people will make a personal commitment to follow Christ this year.*

* Based on historical averages.

Desciple a New BelieverWhen the film ends and the equipment is packed away, many viewers are surprised to find the JESUS Film teams do not immediately leave the area to show the film somewhere else. In fact, they return often to disciple new believers, helping them grow in their faith.

"Dona asked us to pray for her child who had a drug problem. We have come alongside them spiritually, and are now successfully discipling them in the Lord. The impact of the Word of God in the life of this particular family has been very clear." — Costa Rica Team

Your gift helps support JESUS Film teams as they return to disciple new believers in Christ.

Bible Story BookThe Bible Story Book, much like the Bible Story Cloth, tells the story of God's word using 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament using brightly colored pictures.

Evangelism Soccer Ball"I feel God has changed my heart. I want to change all the bad things I have done in my life and seek God all my days." — Freddy, age 14, Honduras

Like Freddy, numerous boys and girls need to hear the love of Christ. One such way the JESUS Film teams share the gospel with children is through the Evangelism Soccer ball. Often used before a showing to attract children, the soccer ball tells the story of Jesus and salvation to youth using the Wordless Book colors. The teams gather the children and describe the colors of the ball:

BLACK : Represents our sin; the things we do wrong (Rom 3:23; 6:23)

RED: Represents the blood of Jesus (I Corinthians 15:3-4)

WHITE: Represents our purity before God once our sins have been forgiven by Jesus (Rom 10:9)

GOLD: Represents God in heaven who is the Creator of all who wants to have a personal relationship with us

GREEN: Represents the new life and new hope we have in Christ; Growth (2 Peter 3:18)

Your gift of an Evangelism ball will allow other youth like Freddy to hear the gospel and respond to Christ's salvation.

MicroSD Card A digital chip the size of a dime can contains the hope of Christ in the form of the JESUS Film, The Story of Jesus for Children, or Magdalena (the JESUS Film for women) in the heart language of the people. This tiny card is easy to transport and conceal while allowing a film to be shared in a discreet manner.

SD CardImagine an audio Bible, in one of over 500 heart languages, on the digital chip slightly larger than a quarter. This easy to conceal SD Card allows the Bible to be carried into high risk areas with discretion.

Bible Story ClothTwo lightweight, colorful cloths with 100 Bible story pictures printed in full color—50 stories from the Old Testament and 50 stories from the New Testament. The cloths offer an easy-to-transport and durable tool for sharing Bible stories with all ages.

Flash lightThe solar-charged, water-resistant flashlight provides a ready light source to teams dismantling equipment after a late night showing.

PapyrusOne-half to two-thirds of the world can't, won't, or don't read. Even if we gave them a Bible they could not find their way to Christ. The durable Papyrus Solar Audio Player is small enough to fit in your hand and powerful enough to be heard by up to 200 listeners at a time! The built-in solar panel ensures the audio message may be heard by the most remote people groups of the world. Its two memory sources can hold both an audio Bible and your own recordings. For access to restricted nations, music may be loaded internally while the tiny, discreet SD card stores sensitive content. The construction is durable and weather resistant.

EVCUAs the JESUS Film teams engage with their surrounding community, one tool they use is the EvangeCube. Since this cube has only pictures, it works in every culture and allows teams to share Christ in their heart language.

"Claudia belongs to a family of five who all received Christ during a presentation of the gospel using the EvangeCube. They felt a great need for God in their lives, and now their home is a weekly meeting place for believers." — Costa Rica Team

A gift of an EvangeCube can give another person, like Claudia, a chance to hear the gospel and make a decision to accept Christ.

HHIn some countries, sharing the JESUS Film in large groups is dangerous. In these areas, teams instead show the film individually or house-to-house on hand-held sets of equipment like tablets.

"We asked Brother Bir and his family to watch the JESUS Film on a tablet. For them, it was new and strange, but five members of the family watched, listening to, and understanding, the teachings of Christ. Through the impact on this family, we were able to organize a large showing in Brother Bir's village." — Nepal Team.

RCBA rechargeable battery used to power JESUS Film equipment such as Backpack, a Pico projector, and Sound equipment.

Solar Panel
$550 each

SPA portable Solar Panel capable of recharging the batteries of JESUS Film equipment such as Backpack and a Mini Projector where electricity is not immediately available.

PPJESUS Film teams aim to start ten new churches every year. Many times, these churches are not brick and mortar buildings. Rather, your gift helps provide the infrastructure for this new community of believers to meet, to grow, and ultimately give back to their community in service and outreach.

"One of the churches in this area has been organized for two years and has been hoping to plant a daughter church. Soon, this dream will come true through the grace of God, diligent workers, and supportive church members. The area where this new church will be planted is a dangerous place, but it has been conquered in the name of Christ and the work going on there is being felt throughout the community." — Philippines Team

Mini Solar Set
$2000 each

MSSLess than 25 pounds allows 200 people to see JESUS. The Vista 200 Bright is a miniature projection system which reads from micro SD cards. System comes with a 15 Watt solar panel. The system is an ultra-portable, affordable, and flexible solution for a variety of presentation needs. Up to 200 people can see and hear a film with this system.

$2000 each

mcbIt takes three hours to walk the dusty trail leading to the village. The team is tired but their work is just beginning. Now they will meet with village leaders hoping to gain permission to show the JESUS Film. A motorbike could reduce their travel time to 30 minutes allowing them more time to minister to villagers and creating relationships for Christ. Motorbikes are needed by JESUS Film teams around the world from desert trails to congested city streets.

SPBThis portable, lightweight, rechargeable system makes it easier for JESUS Film teams to go to hard-to-reach people groups.

Large Equipment Set
$6000 per set

FESEquipment for large group showings of the JESUS Film.

TSSTeams are comprised of local men and woman who reach out to their surrounding community with the good news of Christ. These teams are dedicated to sharing their faith, helping new believers grow through discipleship, and connecting them with church communities.

"Recently, we went to a village to show the JESUS Film. Because they follow another religion, the villagers were very opposed to us. We found they were plotting to disrupt the showing and steal some of the equipment. Despite this, we prayed for God's protection, and began to set up the equipment. As the film began, many people were watching, and amazingly, one of those who had opposed us accepted Christ! Praise God, we have planted a new church here." — Malawi Team

Your gift will support or help launch a new team to:

  • Invest in the lives of thousands of potential new believers by ensuring they have the opportunity to hear about Christ.
  • Plant ten or more new churches per year.
  • Disciple new believers.

MPEach JESUS Film team can only be a success if they have the necessary equipment to accomplish the task of reaching the lost. You can select as many items as you wish to donate by adding each one to your shopping cart, then purchasing them at one time. Thank you for sharing God's love with the lost to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Please note: All items and projects represented herein are used within the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry. If excess contributions are received for any given item/project or the item/project becomes obsolete or unobtainable, those funds will be used at the discretion of JESUS Film Harvest Partners for items that are most closely aligned with the original intent of the donation.

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