May 25, 2016

Your prayers help bring physical healing through the power of Christ… “My heart was stirred!” said Mahaveer in India. “When I went to the doctor for my stomach pain, he was unable to help me. - Jesus did a miracle in my life and healed me!"

April 27, 2016

“I was imprisoned in a foreign country,” said Kul in South Asia. “Because of poverty in my country, I went abroad to work. I knew the pay would be low, but it was the only option I saw. When I lost my passport, the government put me in jail. Month after month, I asked each god I know of to release me from the unexpected punishment in this foreign country. My days were dark and uncertain. I thought my life would be lost in this foreign place.

April 13, 2016

You help bring forgiveness and transformation to the imprisoned… “I went to jail for beating a JESUS Film team member,” said Himanshu in South Asia. “I was a drunkard and bad person. For no reason, I beat a man who tried to share good news with me. The team member did not turn me in, but someone else did. When the team member heard I was in a jail, he immediately came to seek my release.

April 06, 2016

You help bring forgiveness and transformation to the imprisoned… “By 17 years old, I was in a juvenile center,” said Neufar in Colombia. “As soon as I was set free, I went back to a life of crime. This time I was sentenced to 10 years in prison. People would speak of the transforming power of Jesus, but my heart was hard. As prison life became increasingly difficult, my heart softened toward God. The JESUS Film was shared and I met Christ!

March 31, 2016

Your prayers help bring honor to demoralized women… "Sahara selected a relative for her husband to marry," shared a team member in Nepal. "Because Sahara was unable to have children, her husband was planning to take a second wife. Sahara felt it would be to her benefit if it were someone close to her. She helped her husband in making his choice.