March 16, 2016

Your prayers help bring honor to demoralized women… "My husband recently died," said the widow in Mexico. "The JESUS Film team came to hold an event in our community. I was so encouraged I offered my home for discipleship classes. As I read God's Word, I felt Him talking to my heart. His Word is becoming real to me. I feel the strength of the Lord in my life.

March 09, 2016

Your prayers help bring honor to demoralized women… "I was an alcoholic and prostitute,"said Rosangel in the Dominican Republic. "Many in my community lived the same lifestyle. Tonight Jesus touched my heart and I accepted Him into my life. I am a new person. I want to share with my neighbors the greatness of God. I want a change in my community. I know Jesus can do it, as He did with me."

March 02, 2016

You bring honor to demoralized women… "He left me for a woman who 'understood' him," said a mother in Ecuador. "I ran off with a man because I was unhappy in my home life. After I became pregnant, he began to treat me differently. When the baby was born, he simply left one day and didn't return. He did not say a word. Finally, he called me telling me he had met another woman.

February 24, 2016

710 Teams for 2016!  Local leaders have registered 710 JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry teams for 2016. Each team will use the JESUS Film and other evangelism tools to share God's love with the lost. Worldwide, over 43,686 evangelistic presentations are planned.

February 16, 2016

"I used to live mad at every Christian,"testified a young Haitian girl. "Then one day, outside my home I heard someone preaching. It was like he was talking just to me! I decided to go outside, and it was a JESUS Film team. With tears in my eyes, I asked for Jesus to be my Lord. It was at that moment I was set free!"  Praise God for working in this young girl's heart.

February 10, 2016

"Our father abandoned us when we were young," shared Lupita in Ecuador. "So I married the first man who proposed. We had two children, but he treated me poorly, physically and psychologically. One day, a neighbor invited me to church. She came to know Christ through the JESUS Film. That day, what the pastor said convinced me I needed God in my heart. Now, my husband and children attend church with me each week. God is wonderful!"

February 02, 2016

"I was rejected by my husband," said Reina in Cuba. "I was a sad woman – frustrated and hopeless. I felt I was good for nothing. I was invited to the JESUS Film show. After seeing the pain Christ suffered for me, I cried and received Him as my Savior. Now I am happy knowing I am not alone. I have been born anew! Praise God for the healed hurts and the value Reina has found in Christ!

January 28, 2016

"The church in Dulag had closed back in 2009 for many reasons," said a Filipino team member. "Yet through the JESUS Film ministry, it is being rekindled back to life. This church now makes an impact in the community bringing hopethrough medical missions, and other compassionate ministries." Pray for this church to continue to be a place of hope and help for the lost!

January 22, 2016

"All my dreams disappeared when that happened. The loss of my father left a great void in my heart. The void in my heart has been filled by Jesus. I have hope. I am going to Bible studies and His Word has changed my life! I thank God for all He is doing in me. My dream now is to be a nurse and go to other countries to help people. I am waiting on God to fulfill my dreams."

October 21, 2015

"Flames of fire were leaping out at me," said Eder in Peru.  "My life before that dream had been very sad.  I had many problems, but no one knew I was trapped in a world of suffering by the devil. I took refuge in alcohol and was blinded by false hope. One miraculous day, Jesus revealed to me through a dream of fire that if the world ended, I would not be ready. Through this dream, I realized I was not living right and made a decision to change.  When I was reunited with my family, I was invited to church and accepted Jesus as my Savior the very first day I went. Now the pastor is helping me in my new life and I am very thankful."