Financial Accountability & Impact

Your dollar is used responsibly.
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, JESUS Film Harvest Partners takes great responsibility to be faithful stewards of every dollar. We practice integrity and openness in stewarding ministry resources. The ministry is governed by a responsible board of directors, audited annually by an outside agency, and provides an annual financial report to our constituents.


Your dollar is effective.
When you pray, when you give, when you go, you do so much are involved as Christ transforms hearts and lives around the world.


In JESUS Film Harvest Partners' 2017 Annual report, you can:

•  Discover the exciting Kingdom impact Harvest Partners make in the 2017 global overview.

•  Read about "A Day in the Life of a JESUS Film Team Member" as well as how JFHP recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.

•  See how JFHP stewards contributions in the 2017 financial statement.

•  Have the opportunity to support the work through giving a gift.