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Julie Alexander
JESUS Film Harvest Partners Ambassador
Ephrata, Pennsylvania


Pam Zwally
717-733-2000 Ext. 313



After learning about God's work through JESUS Film Harvest Partners and seeing the work in Zambia, Julie wanted to show the JESUS Film in her community. 

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JESUS Film at Ephrata Mini Mart
Ephrata, PA
Edited from JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) Ambassador Newsletter excerpt

Julie Alexander, one of our energetic JFHP Ambassadors serves in her Ephrata, PA community.  Ever since Julie heard about the JFHP ministry, she's wanted to get involved.  Eventually she did and went on a trip to take JESUS Film equipment to Zambia, Africa.  While there she wondered how the JESUS Film could be shown back in the USA.

Her home church in Ephrata had started an outreach ministry in the downtown main street area in front of a mini-mart store. Julie approached the owner asking if her church could show the JESUS Film in front of his store.  To her amazement, the owner, not a follower of Christ, said they could show the film.

They showed the JESUS Film for children one evening each month and the owner came outside to watch!  He told his customers they must go out and watch the film.  The showing was a simple set up with a screen and project on Main Street. Traffic crept by as people tried to see what's being shown; pedestrians stopped to ask why they were showing this movie; prayers were lifted up for broken people who shared their struggles and burdens; and Jesus and His story ministered to them all.

Things you need to do something similar:

  • Permission to show the film in a public location
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • JESUS Film or The Story of JESUS for Children 
  • To order a copy of the JESUS Film DVD go to Order JESUS Film DVD 

For information about being a JESUS Film Harvest Partners volunteer Ambassador, contact John Cunningham at 913-663-5700 or