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Pastor Charles Corns
Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene
Waverly, Iowa

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The concert ends; the sun has set; and a projector lights up the east wall of the church with larger-than-life images of the story of Christ. Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene in Waverly, Iowa took advantage of the Thursday evening community concert series in the park located next to the property. As the concerts ended, the church hosted weekly outdoor showings of the JESUS Film. The first two showings attracted only local church members but the third week a young girl stopped to watch the film. She enjoyed it so much; she brought her mother the next week.

At subsequent showings, people began to stay and watch the film. Some sat in their cars, some in adjacent yards, and others remained anonymous in the darkness of the trees. By the end of August, 13 people had accepted Christ including, the young girl and her mother. Most attend other churches but Pastor Charles Corns says, “They belong to the Lord and that is what really matters.”

Cornerstone hosted this outreach just one year after the 2008 flood from which they are still recovering. They did not allow the damage caused by the flood to prevent them from doing Kingdom work.