"...you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth."

Isaiah 49:6b

Last year, teams in Africa showed the JESUS film over 8,100 times.
This year, 11,100 showings are planned!

Will you join us in prayer throughout July for the 231 JESUS Film teams faithfully serving in Africa? Over the last 20 years, these energetic teams have shown the JESUS film 93,171 times, making 50,363,566 Evangelistic Contacts. Praise God — 10,214,393 precious Africans have made a decision to follow Christ!

Save or print this email and join us in prayer for JESUS Film teams this month!

Praise God!

  • For the equipment that is now in the hands of teams in Chile, Mexico, Zambia and South Africa, thanks to faithful Harvest Partners from Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Washington.
  • For the faithfulness of those who attended the Ashland, OR World Challenge event last Friday.
  • For the many people now changed by the power of the gospel in Africa and around the world, including freedom from alcohol addictions and crime, redemption in extramarital affairs, and restored hope. Read each of these transformations in this month's testimonies below!

July 1 - 7


Prayer Points:
  • Ghana JESUS Film teams request your prayers for God to "prepare the way, provide strength and unity, and empowerment from the Holy Spirit."
  • Pray for the JESUS Film teams as they minister in communities where a radical religious group is prominent.
  • The JESUS film is widely used throughout Ghana. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to be safe as they travel many roads to reach Ghana villages for Christ.
Maankiman's Testimony: “I have never been a Christ-follower. I loved to drink alcohol, and was known as a drunkard in my village. My husband tried to stop my addiction by pouring all my alcohol away. I was so mad at my husband when he did this, I put poison in his food! That night, my husband ate at a friend’s home. When he came home, he was too full to eat my poisoned food. I buried his food, so no one else would get sick or die. I then went to a witchdoctor to have them place a spell on my husband. This also did not work. When the JESUS film was shown in my village, I saw how Christ died for my sins. I gave Him my life and now love my husband and seven children. I no longer have a desire to drink alcohol. I want to live for Christ the rest of my life.”

July 8 - 14

Sierra Leone

Prayer Points:
  • Praise God for the 14,000 precious people in Sierra Leone who have made decisions for Christ in the last year! Pray the message of Christ will penetrate their hearts.
  • Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. People continue to suffer, surviving on less than a dollar a day. Pray for people's eyes to be opened to the truth and hope of the gospel.
  • Many Sierra Leoneans suffered physically and emotionally from recent conflicts. Pray for healing.
Jartu's Testimony: “My husband died a few months after our first child, a daughter, was born. “I became responsible for raising our daughter by myself. I started cleaning homes for other people. In order to earn more money, I began a relationship with the husband of the woman who employed me. When she would go to work, her husband and I would have extramarital relations. The woman trusted me and respected me, and I took advantage of this couple to earn more money. One day, a friend invited me to watch the JESUS film. When I saw the life of Christ and His preaching, I knew I was leading a sinful life. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins. He has changed me and I will live for Him forever!"

July 15 - 21


Prayer Points:
  • Praise God for the open freedom to evangelize and share the Gospel throughout the country! Pray God will bless the teams' work as they seek to grow the Kingdom.
  • The Church in Benin is desperate for discipleship. Pray for God to provide leaders to meet the needs of the growing Christian population.
  • Forty three percent of the population is under the age of fifteen. Pray for those who are sharing the gospel with youth to make a difference for years to come.

“I belonged to a cybercrime club when I was a student. We started by stealing bikes. My parents tried very hard to get me out of this club, but I refused. One day, I was arrested and put in prison, where I was assigned to forced labor for six months. The JESUS film was shown in my neighborhood. After watching the film, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins. He has cleansed my heart and changed me forever.”  — Laurent, 22-years-old

July 22 - 31


Prayer Points:
  • Almost 90% of the population belong to a radical religious group. Pray for the JESUS film to be shown to these people so they may learn about Christ.
  • Two-thirds of the population are unreached with the gospel. Pray for the JESUS Film teams as they share the life of Christ in the film with others.
  • The six teams witnessing in Mali use 9 different languages to share the Good News! Praise God for these resources and pray the teams can use them to connect with people in their heart language.

Oumou's Testimony: “My parents forced me to have an arranged marriage when I was 20-years-old. After God gave us two children, my husband died. His family blamed me for his death. Through this experience, I lost all hope. One of my friends, a Christ-follower, invited me to watch the JESUS film. By watching the life of Christ, I realized only Jesus can give peace and hope. I gave my heart and life to Christ. I will serve Him the rest of my life."