Prayer & Praise

October 22, 2014

"I thought I would be sick forever," said Tchanda in Benin. "I wanted to experience tranquility, but my mind was confused. I was without hope until I learned of God's mercy. I gave myself to the Lord and committed my life on earth to Him.  He has filled my heart and the source of my happiness comes from His hand. He brightens my life."

Praise God for the tranquil peace He gives our minds and bodies.

"I heard the message in my home,"
said Alba in Nicaragua. "I am very thankful to God for the brothers who brought the message of Christ to my home. My life was filled with suffering. My husband liked betting on cock fights and getting drunk with his friends. He would come home during the night making noise and waking the whole family. I give thanks because I have met Christ and am confident my husband will know Him soon too. I believe in His promises and I am praying to Him. Now, my Father who loves me is on my side, and He wants what is best for my family and my husband."

Join in prayer for Alba's husband to accept a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and praise God for the faith she has in the Lord!

"He criticized followers of Christ,"
said a team member in Sri Lanka. "Mohideen was an ardent follower of another religion. He attended the JESUS Film presentation to learn more about Christ. He was impressed by the message of Jesus and was convinced of the sins he had in his heart. He listened carefully and accepted cheerfully the message of grace and truth. He has received Jesus Christ as his Savior. He testified of experiencing God's love and peace which he had never before experienced in his life."

Praise God for changing hard hearts into receptive souls.

Praises & Prayer Requests:
- Praise the Lord for the safe return of the New Life Church group from a South Asian country.
- Praise God for the faithful direction provided by our board of directors.
- We praise God for the responsive hearts of those attending the World Challenge event in Columbus, OH.
- We are grateful for your prayers for the right people to come alongside us in the work to share God's love. Three of the four open positions have been filled! Praise God. We are still looking for candidates for an administrative position assisting in event and trip planning. Please click here to view the job description. If you are interested or know someone, please send resumes to Melissa Hofer at

JESUS Film teams have reported
68,395,173 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through October 2014. Of these contacts, 12,913,361 (18.9% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 5,456,527 (42.3% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 46,109 preaching points started.
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