Prayer & Praise

January 28, 2015

"I experienced God's grace," said the viewer in Haiti. "I am very happy for the way God let me experience His grace through the movie showing us how our lives are so important to our Creator. I want to accept Him as my Savior. I want you to pray for me so I can keep going the right way."

Pray for this new believer in Haiti to grow in his walk with Christ.

"We showed the film to some university students," said the team member in Brazil. "One young man was in a problematic relationship and away from the Lord's path. After watching the movie, it was interesting to hear the discussion. The young man resolved his issue by deciding to leave the relationship, which was not pleasing to the Lord, and seek to follow Christ. We give glory to God for all He has done!"

Praise the Lord for helping this young man find a better life path.  

"We have been opposed, teased, and mocked," said a team leader in India. "At times we are depressed and discouraged, but God gives us the motivation we need for His work. He is faithful to us!

Please pray for all of our teams facing discouragement to call on the name of Jesus for strength and help.

Prayer Request:

- Pray for the group from Kankakee as they are sharing the love of Christ in Haiti.

- Please pray for each person attending the upcoming M15 World Challenge event in Kansas City, MO on February 10th to have a fresh vision of God's work in the hearts of the lost.

For more information about World Challenge events, call Trish or Patty at 913-663-5700.

- Pray for the group from Rock Island making plans to deliver equipment to Honduras.

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

                                                            Goals               Results

Evangelistic contacts*                         100 million       69,262,366

Decisions for Christ                             17 million         13,123,049

Initial discipleship follow-ups                8 million             5,603,606

Preaching Points                                  70,000                  48,060

*JESUS Film and other tools