Prayer & Praise

July 23, 2014

"It was the right opportunity to present Christ," said Sushil in Nepal. "My son's shoes had many holes in them, and they needed repair. We took him to a shoe repairman, and I began talking with him. The opportunity presented itself, and I asked if he had heard of Christ. He was excited to meet a Christian, because he was interested in the faith. The next day, he came to church and accepted Christ! Because of the torn shoe, a man was won in Christ."

Praise God for the opportunities He presents.

"My life was full of physical, mental, and spiritual problems,"
testified a viewer in Cuba. "People have always let me down, and I lost faith in humanity. I began to con and cheat anyone I could. One day, trying to con a boy, he showed me a cube he had in his hand. It got my attention. He said he was a child of God and told me the plan for salvation. Today, I feel very different. My life has changed! I see people in another light and know the only thing which will get them to change their lifestyle is an encounter with God. I am working with an evangelism group at my church to tell the world what Christ has done for me!"

Praise God for the change in this viewer's life.

"For years, I did not attend church,"
said Joan in Bolivia. "Then someone invited me to see the JESUS Film, and I attended. I loved it! Now, I am starting to go again to the house of God to learn more about Him."

Pray for Joan as she grows in her walk with the Lord.


Pray for the last three (3) countries waiting for equipment to share the gospel.

Of the 147 teams launched this year, 31 teams are waiting for equipment in a South Asian country, and in Benin and Togo, Africa. The equipment has been fully funded thanks to faithful partners! Now we need help moving the resources to these countries.

We need pilots or people traveling to these countries who are willing to carry in equipment. Funds are not available to assist with travel expenses, but your service to the ministry and Kingdom will be greatly appreciated. If you are traveling to these areas in the next few months and are willing to deliver equipment, please email your travel plans to Rusty at or call him at 913-663-5700.

People are waiting to meet JESUS and equipment is needed to help with the harvest.

Praises & Prayer Requests:
- Praise the Lord for the safe return of the New Life Church group from Sri Lanka.
- Praise God for the safe return of the Montana group from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
- Pray for the Joplin District team members as they are coming to the end of their time in Ecuador.
- Pray for the Marysville Church as they make final preparations to leave for Costa Rica.
- Pray for the group from Point Loma making plans to travel to Mozambique.
- Pray for the Partner Trip participants traveling to Panama in a few weeks.

JESUS Film teams have reported 67,554,734 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through July 2014. Of these contacts, 12,702,695 (18.8% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 5,304,942 (41.8% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 44,176 preaching points started.
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