Prayer & Praise

April 22, 2015

"Lambert came to see the JESUS Film," said the team leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. "He was amazed at the miracles Jesus performed. Lambert was the first to kneel asking for prayer, and accepted Christ into his heart."

Praise God for working in Lambert's life.


"I used to sacrifice animals for everything," confessed Rajah from Sri Lanka. "As I watched the JESUS Film, I understood those sacrifices do nothing. But Jesus' sacrifice has changed my life!"

Pray for Rajah as he grows in his faith.


"His friends lead him astray," said the team leader in Haiti. "The young man was doing well financially but he ran with a bad crowd of friends. He made poor choices. After seeing the JESUS Film, he saw the image of a true friend in Christ. The young man accepted the Lord as his Savior!"

Pray for this young man to help his friends find a relationship the Christ.


Our God is doing great things! And He is inviting you to be part of it.
Based on historical averages, 731 JESUS Film teams are projected to see 900,000 decisions for Christ and plant 8,400 preaching points this year! It is possible and we are praying for 1 million decisions for Christ and nearly 9,000 preaching points!

With God's inspiration, we have launched a prayer campaign called "What's Your Number? (WYN)". We are seeking 2,740 people to join in prayer to see 1 Million people make a decision for Jesus before Easter 2016!
We invite you to join now! Go to for more information and to sign up! Feel free to share this with your church family, put it on an announcement slide, in the bulletin, on your Facebook page…

Why 2,740 people?
To reach the 1 Million new believers goal, each day, 2,740 people will need to meet Jesus! If we have 2,740 pray-ers, this is one prayer partner per new believer each day.
You are among some of the first people being invited to join the WYN Prayer Campaign!

Praises and Prayer Requests:  

- Praise God for the faithfulness of the people attending the Seattle, WA World Challenge event. The financial support will help more people hear of God's love through the work of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners teams.

- Pray for the Mission Trip participants to fully witness the work of the Lord as they travel in the Philippines.

- Please pray for the leaders, table hosts, and staff as they work on final preparations for the Palm Springs World Challenge event on April 30th. Pray for the Lord to bless this time with a spirit of faithfulness from those attending the event. For more information about World Challenge events, call Trish or Patty at 913-663-5700.

- Please join with us in prayer for a development officer.

Full-Time Development Officer Position

This position is responsible for raising approximately $1.2 million annually by building relationships with new high capacity investors, growing existing donors and reengaging inactive donors. It is also responsible for organizing three World Challenge Fundraising Events per year concentrating on obtaining new donors/constituents and may require international travel for Partner Investment Trips.  The position can be based anywhere within the United States.

The qualified candidate will possess a Bachelor's Degree. A Master's degree and/or CFRE/ACFRE certification is preferred. At least 5 years of relevant development experience preferred. They will have the ability to prioritize and manage competing demands, a high degree of self-initiative, Strong relationship building skills and a willingness to travel at least 50% of the year. The candidate should also share the organizations conservative Christian values. 

Please submit resumes to

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

                                                Goals               Results

Evangelistic contacts*             100 million       70,196,249

Decisions for Christ                 17 million         13,332,292

Initial discipleship follow-ups   8 million           5,746,768

Preaching Points                     70,000             50,020

*JESUS Film and other tools