Will you pray with us this April?

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

2 Corinthians 13:14 (NIV)

April - Week 1

Prayer Points

  • Costa Rica teams request prayer for “God to renew our strength, give us wisdom, encouragement, and unity. May God give us spiritual discernment and a great harvest.”

  • This year, teams are sharing the Good News with many Costa Ricans who have limited education and resources. Pray these people’s spiritual needs can be met and uplifted by the hope of the gospel. Also, pray that teams can help them meet their physical needs.

  • Praise God for this wonderful report from team #11: “We have seen the hand of God touching hearts and healing. Five entire families committed their lives to Christ, and are now serving on several JESUS Film teams. In each presentation, at least one person was converted!”

April - Week 2

Prayer Points

  • Many areas of Haiti are not safe because of increasing gang violence and kidnappings. Pray for Haitian teams serving the Lord in these fragile security conditions. Pray for their protection and that God would light their paths for each journey. Pray also that teams will have no difficulty accessing fuel, food, and other resources needed for ministry.

  • Haiti’s situation is so dire that many churches cannot meet. People are afraid to travel outside of their town or village. Pray that Christians would be dynamic beacons of God’s peace and love in their tumultuous country.

"Many young men in my area are involved in bad stuff. I could have easily joined them since I went to school with them. They kept inviting me to join their gang, and the temptation was strong.
As I was pondering what I should do, a brother came and told me how much God loves me and doesn't want me to hurt myself or others. I made the decision to follow Christ and felt peace and happiness in my soul. I now feel strong and confident that I have a good future ahead of me. Discipleship will help me learn to pray so I never neglect my relationship with God."

Meme in Haiti

April - Week 3

Prayer Points

  • Teams request prayer for God to work miracles as they share the gospel message with unbelievers, and for new Preaching Points to grow and flourish.

  • In the last year of ministry, teams faced discouragement after many people closed doors in their faces. Pray that teams can be invigorated by encounters with Salvadorans who are receptive to the gospel.

  • Violence is on the rise in El Salvador. Pray for the victims and their families. Pray that teams find creative ways to reach gang members in marginalized communities, hospitals, and prisons with God’s redeeming love.

April - Week 4

Prayer Points

  • Many vulnerable Panamanian children lack sufficient attention and resources, leading some to drop out of school. Pray that teams can make strong connections with these hurting and lonely children, as well as help restore broken families with the hope of the gospel.

  • Teams request prayer for God to provide everything necessary for the spiritual follow-up of new believers.

  • Secularization is on the rise in Panama. Pray that all believers would stand strong and fearless for the gospel message — now more than ever. Pray that God raises up passionate men and women who desire to see the Kingdom advanced.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the 1,109 JESUS Film teams!
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