Equipping the Harvest - May 2019 ​

“Now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the  eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing His will.”

Hebrews 13:20-21a

The 773 JESUS Film teams ministering around the world greatly appreciate you!

Thank you for praying, providing financial support, and helping
deliver equipment as these faithful missionaries share Christ with the JESUS film and other evangelistic tools.



We can do more together than we can separately.

Praise God!

  • For the faithfulness of those who attended the Nampa, ID World Challenge event last week.
  • For the safety God provides as the JESUS Film teams travel, often to difficult and remote places.


May 1-7

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the 178 Preaching Points Peruvian JESUS Film teams planted in the last year. Pray for the leaders of these new church plants.
  • Pray for the teams who are ministering by foot and by boat in the vast Amazon. More than 60% of Peruvian territory is covered by the Amazon rainforest, more than in any other country.
"When I was 10-years-old, my mother abandoned us because she had many problems with our father. At that time, Bible classes for children began in our town. I enjoyed learning about God. It was at these classes that I saw the JESUS film. Seeing God’s love for me gave me peace, which I needed. I am very happy to have Jesus in my heart and life."
12 Years old


May 8-14

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the JESUS Film teams as they show the film in new areas of the country this year.
  • The 15 Zambian teams plan to show the film more than 1,150 times this year. Pray God uses these showings to bring many people to Christ.
  • Zambia is a major destination and thoroughfare for people. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to reach these individuals who are passing through or have settled in Zambia from their former countries.
“I have been blind since 2000 and my life has been very difficult. I am now living with my fourth wife. I have been to court several times due to my previous wives. When the JESUS film was shown in my village, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and cleanse my heart. I am serving God with my wife and want to live the rest of my life with her!"
38 Years old


May 15-21

Prayer Points

  • Pray for safety as the JESUS Film teams show the film in areas which are often resistant to the gospel message of hope.
  • The 13 Pakistani teams request your prayer for opportunities to share the JESUS film in new villages.
  • Pray for those who follow Christ to be bold and passionate about sharing the Good News with others, even in the face of persecution.
"I often suffered from headaches and fever. I worked in a factory with a woman who was a Christ-follower. My coworker would frequently pray for me, and I would feel better! She taught me many things about Christ and invited me to a showing of the JESUS film. After watching the film and seeing Jesus die on the cross for my sins, I gave my heart to Christ. I no longer worship many gods and goddesses. I have been baptized and am attending discipleship classes at my town's new Preaching Point."
27 Years old


May 22-32

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the 63 JESUS Film teams passionately evangelizing, discipling, and planting churches across Haiti.
  • Pray for Haiti as residents continue to recover from the 2010 devastating earthquake where many turned to God.
Rikel’s testimony: "I ran away from home 13 years ago to live with my friends. My parents did not approve because these friends made me kill people to steal their money! Now, I am the only one of my friend group who is still living. When I saw the JESUS film, I realized Christ was the answer to the problems in my life. It is only by God’s grace that I am still alive!"