Abide in Me - May 2020

“If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; Apart from me you can do nothing.”
John 15:5b

JESUS Film leader in West Africa said "The road is hard, but it is worth it. Our focus is on heaven." With God's wisdom and guidance, the 847 teams are helping people discover the hope of the gospel. This month's testimonies reveal how living and abiding in Christ enables us to overcome the most difficult obstacles and trials!

Will you join us in praying for many more people to discover this truth?

Praise God!

  • For the equipment now in the hands of teams in Kenya and South Africa, thanks to faithful Harvest Partners from New Mexico and Idaho.
  • For the faithfulness of those who attended the Detroit World Challenge event last month.
  • For the health and safety He provides as the JESUS Film teams travel across their countries, sharing Christ with those who have yet to hear!

The testimonies below were reported from JESUS Film teams in previous months. While some teams have had to shift their ministry focus because of COVID-19, the following prayer requests are still valid and necessary.


May 1-7

Prayer Points

  • The nine Ghanaian teams request prayer for passion and endurance to share the Good News with the 1.5 million unreached and the many who are nominal Christians.
  • Voodoo and a radical religion have a strong presence, especially in urban areas. Pray for God to provide more leaders to be His witness across Ghana.
  • Pray for meeting places to be found for Preaching Points so new believers can worship together and learn more about following Christ.

“I am the leader of our village. I have 15 children with my three wives. When the JESUS Film team arrived, I did not give them permission to show the film. After meeting with my council, we decided to allow the film to be shown. The first showing was held in my palace. My heart was troubled when I saw Jesus die on the cross for my sins. After watching the film the second night, I asked Jesus to forgive me and cleanse my heart. I want to spend eternity with God!” –Torgbe, 50-years-old


May 8-14

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the 11 Ecuadorian JESUS Film teams to have God’s wisdom and guidance to know where to show the JESUS film.
  • Teams started 116 Preaching Points last year. Pray for these Preaching Point leaders to receive spiritual guidance from God and the pastors who support them.
  • One-third of the population lives in poverty. Pray for people to discover the hope of eternal life through Christ.

“Growing up, I hated my father because he was an alcoholic and abused my mother. I wanted him to die. I left home when I was 17, and thought I could survive by myself. My worldly life and pursuits caused me to get a painful and difficult disease. I was invited to watch the JESUS film at a spiritual retreat in my neighborhood. God touched my heart and healed me from my disease! In my new life with Christ, I forgave my father. My entire family has now accepted Christ into their hearts, and we attend the Preaching Point.” –Alfonso, 23-years-old


May 15-21

Prayer Points

  • Praise God – the 39 Benin teams made over 225,000 evangelistic contacts last year! Pray these gospel seeds will gain deep roots in people’s hearts and lives.
  • Historically, Benin is one of the least-evangelized nations in Africa. Pray teams can make inroads in sharing Christ throughout their country.
  • More than two-thirds of the population are oral learners. Pray these people have the opportunity to hear scripture at Preaching Points and through orality tools.

“I attended church when I was younger, but never gave my heart to Christ. I had a secret affair with my brother-in-law, and used evil spirits to take him away from my sister. We were not married long before he passed away. I was all alone and had time to think about my actions and the grief I caused our family. By watching the JESUS film, I realized only God can forgive my sins. I will live the rest of my life for Christ.” –Dossou, 34-years-old


May 22-31

Prayer Points

  • Pray that the eight Chilean JESUS Film teams remain healthy and feel equipped to reach children and adults with the gospel.
  • Teams are working in communities where drugs and alcohol cause many problems and divisions in families. Pray these people can discover Christ’s transformational power through the film.
  • Ninety-two Preaching Points were planted last year in Chile. Pray believers attending these church plants will grow in their faith.

Felipe’s testimony: “I rebelled against my parents by leaving home. I lived with friends and enjoyed drinking and taking drugs. I eventually became homeless and lived on the streets. My cousin invited me to a youth event at his church. I felt God’s love and forgiveness for me. Seeing Christ’s life in the film transformed my life! I have restored my relationship with my parents and moved back home.”