Second Chances - May 2021

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us
our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
1 John 1:9 (ESV)

There is nothing that God cannot redeem, restore, or forgive.

Praise God!

  • His redemptive love has transformed the hearts of murderers, criminals, prostitutes, alcohol and drug addicts, and many, many other sinners. In over 24 years of JESUS Film teams sharing the gospel, God has touched the lives of 17.2 million people! 


May 1-7

Prayer Points

  • Over 5.8 million people have yet to hear the gospel in Tanzania. Pray that the six teams serving there can win many souls across their predominantly rural nation.
  • Pray for God to provide strong leaders for the 15 Preaching Points recently planted by Tanzanian teams. Pray also that the Good News shared at these church plants will have a ripple effect on other spheres of Tanzanian society, including poverty, witchcraft, and radical religions.

Team report: “Twenty-two-year-old Chacha became a drug dealer at a young age. He dropped out of school and started dealing drugs to many of the youth. When we came to show the JESUS film, he was among those who welcomed us and helped set up the equipment. He attended all three showings and decided to give his life to Christ on the third night. He came forward during the altar call and promised to talk to the youth that he has sold drugs to and invite them to church.”


May 8-14

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the 20 teams serving in Argentina! They request prayer as they share the hope of the gospel across rural and remote areas, where many people lack basic needs and face addictions to drugs, alcohol, and violence.
  • Many Argentinians are being deceived by cults, the occult, and other religions. In the last year, 3,600 people committed their lives to Christ. Pray that they bear witness to God’s saving power to their countrymen.

Rossi’s testimony: “My marriage and family were in total crisis. We were about to separate when I went to a ministry event at a local church that provides free clothing. There I was befriended by Marcellin, a JESUS Film team member. She began teaching me the Word and helping heal my emotional wounds. My husband and I decided to open our home as a Preaching Point. God is helping us grow together. I thank God, the church, and the JESUS Film team for their support and constant encouragement. God is very good.”


May 15-21

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the 600+ Bolivians who committed their lives to Christ in the last year!
  • JESUS Film teams report many Bolivians worship the earth through their beliefs and customs. Pray for hearts to be touched and transformed by Jesus, the One deserving of our praise.
  • It is estimated that one-third to almost one-half of Bolivians live in poverty. Pray the church will be able to help meet people’s physical needs so teams can provide spiritual remedies.

Rony’s testimony: “I was a drug addict, and tried to take my own life several times. I was so desperate, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not change. I thought it was too late for me, but Jesus completely changed my life through the film. Now I live to praise and worship Jesus.”


May 22-31

Prayer Points

  • Praise God that the 15 teams serving in Zambia have creatively evangelized throughout the coronavirus pandemic. One team shared, “We are reaching new areas with the gospel through the JESUS film. Though we faced the challenges of the pandemic, we have remained very committed to planting churches and winning souls.”
  • Pray for ongoing commitment by the 70,000+ Zambians who came to Christ in the last year. May they share their newfound hope with friends and neighbors, and see their nation flourish as one that honors the Lord.

Team report: “Michael is a carpenter who always spoke badly about religion. When our team came to his village, we showed the JESUS film across the road from his house. For the first few days, Michael sat at home and listened to the film. On Friday, he decided to watch. On Saturday, after watching again, Michael gave his life to Jesus. He now faithfully attends church.”