“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…”

Galatians 5:22-23

As you read this, 773 JESUS Film teams are planting gospel seeds around the world. When Jesus’ name is declared in a community, the Holy Spirit moves, and these seeds begin to bear beautiful fruit. 

Thank you for lifting up the lost, lonely, and hurting this month and celebrating with us as God reaches, redeems, and restores.


Praise God!

  • For the gospel seeds that are bearing fruit in the hearts of more than 16.1 million believers! Seeds have been planted in more than 82 million hearts in the ministry’s 22+ year history.
  • For the JESUS Film equipment which was delivered to teams in need in Tanzania and South Africa by Olivet Nazarene University students.
  • For the faithfulness and generosity of those who attended the Raleigh, NC World Challenge event last night.


Sierra Leone

Jun 1 - 7

Prayer Points:

  • JESUS Film teams request your prayer for the protection of the equipment and themselves as they show the film.
  • More than 1.3 million people in Sierra Leone remain unreached by the gospel. Pray for teams to reach many of these people with the transforming power of God.
  • Pray for Sierra Leoneans to bear peace and love toward each other as they recover from recent years of war

Jeneba’s testimony: “Due to peer pressure, I left home at a young age. For a year, my friend was kind, generous, and took care of my needs. During my second year living with her, she told me I needed to contribute to the expenses of the home by becoming a prostitute! After three years of this lifestyle, another friend asked me to join her watching the JESUS film. My heart was touched by the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. I asked God to forgive my sins. I immediately had peace in my heart and knew I had been set free! My roommate said I could no longer live with her after making a decision for Christ. I returned to my parents and asked for their forgiveness. Like the parable of the prodigal son, my parents were thrilled with my return, and happily welcomed me home.”


Jun 8 - 14

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the health and safety of the JESUS Film teams as they show the film to the 164 million people who live in Bangladesh, a country roughly the size of Michigan.
  • Pray for the many Bangladeshi people who suffer from flooding and natural disasters each year.
  • Pray for people to seek God as the answer to their life problems as they watch the JESUS film.

Bangladesh Team Report: “Brother Nirmol helped us show the film in his village. The neighbors were loudly celebrating a birthday, so the viewers were not able to hear the film. Later we showed the film at Nirmol’s home. The next day, the boy who celebrated his birthday apologized for his loud party. He asked us to show the film at his home, too! Many people gave their hearts to Christ. These new believers are now attending discipleship classes and are attending the Preaching Point we planted in this village.”


Jun 15 - 21

Prayer Points:

  • JESUS Film teams in Mexico request your prayers for increased stamina to continue sharing the Good News of Christ.
  • Nearly 78% of Mexico’s population lives in large metropolitan areas. Pray these urbanites will find an opportunity to watch the JESUS film in their neighborhoods.
  • Pray for the 500,000+ Mexicans addicted to drugs to discover freedom in Christ.

“I struggled with my family dynamic when my parents separated. I became involved with the sins of the world. I became pregnant — the father of my baby asked me to live with him without marrying him. I did not want to be married, so I agreed. When I saw the JESUS film, I knew I needed to accept Jesus in my heart. I want a better life for myself and my son. I plan to live my whole life for Christ and teach my son about God.” — Susy, mother of a one-year-old


Jun 22 - 30

Prayer Points:

  • Burkina Faso is part of the Sahel region, an area with much Christian persecution and darkness. Praise God for the teams who are passionately developing strategies to share Christ in their country and beyond.
  • Pray for the power of the occult to be broken as people discover the power of God through the JESUS film. 
  • 27 people groups remain unreached by the gospel in Burkina Faso. Pray JESUS Film teams can find creative and powerful ways to reach these 4.9 million people with the Good News.

Karim’s testimony: “My mother was accused of being a witch. Because of this, she hung herself. I blamed her death on those who accused her. I hated each one of them. In the JESUS film, I saw Christ forgive those who killed Him. I realized I needed to forgive those who caused my mother such pain. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and cleanse my heart. I am now free from my burdens and have joy and contentment in my heart!”