Help & Hope - June 2021

“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out
from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.”
Isaiah 58:10 (NLT)

JESUS Film teams are the hands & feet of Christ, providing help & hope to their neighbors!

Praise God!

  • For continuing to use the 914 JESUS Film teams to spread His light in perilous times and dark places! A team in Brazil reported, “Last month, we were able to show this world that we are a people of COMPASSION who reach out to help the needy.”


June 1-7

Prayer Points

  • Several teams in Malawi are in need of motorbikes to bring the gospel to remote places where public transportation does not reach. Pray God provides them with the necessary resources.
  • Praise God for the 14,382 precious Malawians who made decisions for Christ in the last year alone! Teams request prayer as they disciple these new believers and encourage them to share the good news with others.
  • Witchcraft and radical religion hold many Malawians captive. Pray for the light of Christ to liberate them.

Malawi team report: “The village headman gave us a warm welcome and many people attended the showing. 37-year-old Ackim was a member of a cult. After watching the film, he was persuaded that Jesus died for us, so he surrendered his life to the Lord. Ackim, his wife, and three children joined our new church, along with 16 others. We pray for their protection, as they receive death threats for denouncing the cult.”


June 8-14

Prayer Points


  • Thirty-three teams serve in Guatemala. They request prayer for strength and wisdom as they seek to meet people’s spiritual and physical needs and expand the Kingdom of God. 
  • Praise God for teams’ fervor and faithfulness in spite of a difficult year. Guatemala team #7 said, “The pandemic affected the way we work, but did not remove the urge to share God’s Word.” 
  • Team #50 thanks God for you as you “remember us in your precious prayer time. We are preaching in mountainous communities only reachable by foot.”

Mario’s testimony: “I have been ill for many years. My children all attend church, but I didn’t want to accept my need for God. A few days ago, the pastor visited my children for a Bible study. Before leaving, he came to talk with me with a plastic cube in his hands. As he told me the story of Jesus, I decided to receive Christ in my heart. I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to redirect my life. My children are very happy and I feel an inexplicable joy. I know that when I die, I will go to heaven with Him.”


June 15-21

Prayer Points

  • Many Guineans are very hard to reach due to 88% of the population following a radical religion. Pray for God to open doors for the six JESUS Film teams, blessing their efforts to evangelize and plant churches.  
  • Guinea teams request prayer as they minister to the 1.6 million people in the capital city of Conakry. They would love more passionate young people to help them share the gospel.
  • Pray for new Christians to persevere in their faith and not turn away from their identity in Christ.

New believer: “My uncle integrated me into witchcraft. Today I was sent here to cause trouble and abort your program. I realized the power I possessed was so small in comparison to Jesus’. After being prayed for tonight, I have been freed from the evil spirits. I give my life to the Lord!”


June 22-30

Prayer Points

  • Thirteen JESUS Film teams serve in Honduras. They request prayer for “spiritual strength and wisdom so we can build the Kingdom of God on earth.”
  • Honduran youth struggle as they are surrounded by criminal violence, gang activity, parental abandonment, and abuse. Pray for teams to effectively connect and share God’s love with these precious children.
  • Pray that the church in Honduras will comfort those hurting across the nation, as many face extreme poverty, homelessness, and drug addiction.

Maria’s testimony: “My husband was left without work due to the pandemic. The day our food was running out, the JESUS Film team showed up at our door and gave us groceries. They also showed us a cube and told the story of Jesus. We now know that God cares for our needs. He sent angels to help us. We have received Christ in our hearts and want to serve Him.”