Kingdom Ripples - July 2020

“And let us not grow weary of doing good,
for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9 (ESV)

"Wherever Jesus has been proclaimed, we see Lives change for the good, Nations change for the better, Thieves become honest, Alcoholics become sober, Hateful individuals become channels of love, Unjust persons embrace justice."
— Josh McDowell, Evangelist

This month, we are celebrating the beautiful ripple effect that occurs when the gospel takes root. Will you join us in praying as 847 JESUS Film teams create Kingdom ripples around the world?

Praise God!

  • For the latest team reports – JESUS Film teams have discipled more than 8 MILLION new believers!


July 1-7

Prayer Points

  • JESUS Film teams in Guatemala request prayer for God keep to keep them from danger and to also touch the hearts of leaders in communities who sometimes prevent them from showing the film.
  • Praise God — teams in Guatemala have shown the JESUS film more than 1,000 times in the last year! Pray the truths of the film will continue to change viewers’ hearts and lives.
  • Pray for a rapid decline in violence and the alarmingly high murder rate.

Francisca’s testimony: “The most important thing that I can share with you is the great work the Lord did in my life. I was suffering from a marital problem, and looked for hope in places such as dances, consuming liquor, and even healers, but none of this helped me. I was about to take my life when the team announced they were going to present the JESUS film. When I witnessed Christ’s story, I felt something in my heart and knew Jesus is the salvation I needed. Today I am very happy.”


July 8-14

Prayer Points

  • The 17 teams request prayer for God to take care of them as they evangelize, for traveling in Argentina is very dangerous.
  • Pray that young Argentinians have a vision of a hopeful future — abundant life in Christ and far from drugs.
  • Teams report that God is working wonders through the film in low-income areas, the rural countryside, urban cities, mountainous areas, and the coast. Praise God!

Argentina team report: “Luis knew the gospel but grew to be separated from it. He started a family with his girlfriend and became addicted to alcohol. Our team came into his life when he had reached rock bottom. We told Luis about Jesus and he accepted Him in his heart. Luis told us he wanted to help others see God’s love. He got married and now leads a team that takes the film to different places. He is planting a church and is a changed man, thanks to God’s power.”


July 15-21

Prayer Points

  • Zimbabwe has long-faced a turbulent economy, with many of its citizens struggling with unemployment. Pray for these discouraged people to discover the hope found in our Savior.
  • Hundreds of thousands of rural migrants have moved to cities looking for jobs. Pray that teams seize every opportunity to connect with these lost, lonely, and hurting Zimbabweans.
  • Pray for God to raise up men and women with strong faith who can help spread the gospel and lead the new Preaching Points.

Zimbabwe team report: “We met James, who had lived in the streets for half of his life. He fled to the streets due to abuse and poverty. He was doing all sorts of evil there. He attended the JESUS film showing and accepted Christ. He returned to his village and has reported his life has greatly changed. We are reaching many people like James through the film!”


July 22-31

Prayer Points

  • The 18 teams serving in Kenya request prayer for the ministry to grow, wisdom, and protection as they share the gospel throughout their country.
    In the desert regions of Kenya, Preaching Points and churches are very far apart in distance.
  • Pray for sufficient strength, resources, and more leaders as the teams seek to shepherd these congregations.
  • Praise: last year, teams in Kenya made an average of 655 evangelistic contacts each month!

Kenya team report: “25-year-old Janefa’s life has been so complicated. She has been married three times to different men. She wanted to start a business but had no capital, so she began selling her body for money in a small room near the market. We started showing the JESUS film near the market, and she explained she was waiting for a client to come. Her client was late, so she decided to watch the film. During the altar call, Janefa came forward and received Jesus in her heart. She now follows Jesus and does not want to return to her old ways.”