The Harvest is Great - August 2020

“Then he said to his disciples,
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Matthew 9:37 (NIV)

More than 3.22 billion people have yet to be reached with the gospel of Jesus. The harvest is truly great!

Our vision is to give every person the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. We’re motivated by the great love of our Savior who saw and met the great needs of lost people. Will you join us in praying for more workers to share the Good News this month?

Praise God!

  • For blessing us with 23 years of ministry this month! Thank you for the vital part you play in making this ministry possible.
  • For the most recent statistics – JESUS Film teams have helped more than 17 MILLION people make decisions for Christ!


August 1-7

Prayer Points

  • India is ranked number ten of the countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Christ. Pray for the 54 JESUS Film teams serving here to be safe yet find opportunities to boldly and creatively declare the message of salvation.
  • Pray for justice and hope in a nation plagued by oppression, poverty, and disease.
  • India is one of the least-reached countries on earth — over 95% of its citizens have never heard of Jesus. Pray for the Good News to reach every village and town.

Meera’s testimony: “I knew nothing about Christianity. The JESUS Film team told me they had a movie about God. I was surprised by so many things that Jesus did. I was so sad and had many problems in my life. This movie brought me joy. Afterward, I learned how to follow Jesus, believe in Him for my entire life, and pray. I have been telling every villager I meet about Jesus. He is solving my problems each day. The team teaches me more about God every time they come. I am grateful for God sending them my way.”


August 8-14

Prayer Points

  • Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and is home to 541 people groups. Pray the six JESUS Film teams ministering here can effectively communicate the gospel with their diverse neighbors.
  • The false teachings of the prosperity gospel are rampant in Nigeria. Pray for the true gospel to breakthrough these lies. 
  • Pray for increasingly persecuted Christians in the northern states to be characterized by supernatural love and forgiveness.

Sylvia’s testimony: “I have been known for my immoral habits, including prostitution. This caused my former husband to reject me and abandon me. I did not like attending church because I felt guilty and helpless. However, Jesus spoke to me tonight through this show. God is not like any man. He accepts me! There is joy in my heart after accepting Jesus in the presence of this crowd. I no longer feel shame. God is working in my life!”


August 15-21

Prayer Points

  • The 32 JESUS Film teams serving in Ethiopia request prayer for the safety of new believers, as many are persecuted by their own families.
  • Ethiopia is ranked #28 among the countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for God to raise up lay people to disciple new believers and foster a lifetime of growth in the Lord.

Ethiopia team report: “Two more primary school teachers came to the Lord this month. Teachers are among the most influential people in the Somali community. The Lord will use these young women in a mighty way. They are being discipled outside the refugee camp for their security, but they have already started sharing their faith with family!”


August 22-31

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the 11 million unreached Guineans living in remote areas to hear a clear presentation of the gospel.
  • The six teams serving in Guinea request prayer for increased strength and commitment to evangelize as Christ’s witnesses.
  • Pray for God to provide more leaders who are well-equipped and passionate for the advancement of the Good News.

Guinea team report: “A woman touched by the film came forward. After prayer, she declared, “I have been deaf for a long time. When you prayed, I felt someone blow in my left and right ear. Little-by-little, I heard you praying, and now I clearly hear everything you say. Jesus healed me! My family and I give our lives to the Lord tonight.”