Celebrating the Good News - November 2019

“They will celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness.”

Psalm 145:7

Theologian Karl Barth wrote, "Joy is the simplest form of gratitude." The 773 JESUS Film teams express gratitude for all God has done by joyfully sharing the Good News!

Over the last 22 years, JESUS Film teams have presented the gospel over 481,000 times, leading to more than 16.4 million people accepting Christ into their hearts. God’s goodness is truly abundant!

Praise God!

  • For the many JESUS Film team members, Harvest Partners, and partnering organizations who make this ministry possible. We are grateful for your faithful pursuit of the Great Commission!
  • For the leadership and faithfulness of the JFHP Board of Directors as they recently met together.
  • For the equipment that is now in the hands of teams in Brazil thanks to faithful Harvest Partners from New York.


November 1-7

Prayer Points

  • The JESUS Film teams request prayer for the new Preaching Points. Praise God ⁠— in the last year alone, teams in Zimbabwe have planted 101 Preaching Points!
  • There are many physical, spiritual, and economic needs among Zimbabweans. Pray they encounter God and experience transformation from the inside out.

Zimbabwe team #3 report: “Mayoyo and Pedzisai, two men who worked in a gold mine, decided to watch the JESUS film instead of going to work. As they watched, a terrible flood happened in the mine and the 80 miners working that night drowned. Mayoyo and Pedzisai praised the Lord they were spared from the disaster. They realized God has a plan for them, and want to serve God the rest of their lives.”


November 8-14

Prayer Points

  • Pray the two JESUS Film teams serving in Bolivia to be blessed with health and strength. Also, pray that God provides more workers to reap His eternal harvest.
  • Praise God – teams in Bolivia have helped nearly 35,000 people make decisions for Christ!
  • 75% of Bolivian children live in poverty. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to reach these children and their families with the hope of the gospel.

New believer in Bolivia: “As a child, I attended church but never gave my heart to God. As an adult, I did not attend church because of my work and friends. Drinking alcohol became my life, and my family suffered from my addiction. I watched the JESUS film when it was shown in my neighborhood. God spoke directly to me and told me I could have new life in Christ! I gave my heart to God and will live for Him for the rest of my life.”


November 15-21

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the 10 JESUS Film teams as they share Christ across the 176,000 miles of diverse mountains, jungle, and coastal plains of Ecuador. 
  • In the last 6 months, teams in Ecuador have shown the JESUS film more than 140 times. Pray the seeds planted at these showings will bear fruit.
  • Poverty and child-labor affect the majority of children in Ecuador. Pray for the JESUS Film teams as they seek to holistically minister to these children.

“I was a singer in a band. This lifestyle involved alcohol and women. I would return home drunk, with no money for my wife and son’s needs. My family grew weary of this and left me. I was alone and sad when my sister took me to watch the JESUS film. She knew I needed Christ and had been praying for me. When I saw the sacrifice Christ made on the cross, I asked Him to forgive my sins and cleanse my heart. My life is completely different now. I left my past life and now sing for God!”  – Remiro, 45-years-old


November 22-30

Prayer Points

  • The 32 Ethiopian JESUS Film teams request your prayer for God’s peace and stability to reign in their country.
  • Pray for the pastors who are leading Preaching Points to receive the Bible training they need to lead their people.
  • More than 32.4 million Ethiopians in 34 people groups remain unreached by the gospel. Pray for teams to find creative and powerful ways to reach these people. 

Nyapalek’s testimony: “I was a powerful woman who told people’s fortunes. All I predicted came true. One night in a dream, God told me I was going to burn in fire and I needed to know the living God! I asked Him, ‘How do I meet this Living God?’ He told me I would see very soon. The JESUS film was shown in my neighborhood soon after this dream. I disguised myself with a head covering and attended the showing. When I saw the sacrifice Christ made on the cross, I asked Him to forgive my sins. I told the team members to tell others I would no longer tell fortunes. Everyone praised and thanked God for my new life in Christ.”