يسوع يحبك - November 2020

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Luke 19:10 (ESV)

“क्योंकि मनुष्य का पुत्र खोए हुओं को ढूंढ़ने और उन का उद्धार करने आया है॥”

लूका 19:10 (Hindi- 370 million speakers worldwide)

"We are continuing to move in areas
where others refuse to go with the gospel."

Sharing the gospel is not easy in Eurasia. You
will notice that each of the locations featured this month are
countries with very high Christian persecution rates. However, this does
not prevent the 164 teams serving here from proclaiming His name with


Will you join us in praying for these passionate teams this month?

Praise God!

  • For moving through these teams’ faithfulness. In the last year, Eurasia teams made more than 609,000 evangelistic contacts and helped over 183,000 people commit their lives to Christ!


November 1-7

Prayer Points

  • The 58 teams serving in Bangladesh request prayer for protection, as they are often threatened and beaten. 
  • Bangladesh is ranked number 48 on the list of countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Christ. Pray these believers can find opportunities to boldly and creatively declare the message of salvation.
  • Praise: last year, teams in Bangladesh planted 710 Preaching Points! Pray God raises up leaders for these church plants who are committed to authentic discipleship.

New believer’s testimony: “I had a wonderful wife and two children. I started drinking wine with friends every day. I beat my wife if she tried to stop me. My happy family became awful. While watching the JESUS film, I wept at the pain of Jesus Christ. Afterward, I prayed for God to transform me. I gave up wine and my family is joyful again!”


November 8-14

Prayer Points

  • Over 99% of Pakistanis remain unreached by the gospel. Pray the 13 JESUS Film teams serving here can experience breakthroughs in reaching the lost. 
  • Pakistan is ranked number five among the countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus. Pray for the Church to multiply in the power of the Spirit as persecution intensifies.
  • Teams in Pakistan report that the economy is suffering and so are the people. Pray for people to realize their spiritual need for Jesus.

“My household didn’t lack money or food, but we lacked God’s presence. Both of my sons practiced magic. People gave us many good things in return. My wife had a stroke, and we spent a lot of money and made sacrifices for her treatment, but nothing helped her. My whole family watched the JESUS film in our village. We saw that Jesus bore much pain for us, and were brought to tears. That day, each of us repented for our sins and accepted Christ.”
—Shehzad, 47-years-old

Sri Lanka

November 15-21

Prayer Points


  • Twenty-nine JESUS Film teams are working in Sri Lanka, ranked 46 among places most dangerous to follow Christ. Pray teams can help the church grow and mature even amidst tense circumstances.
  • Pray those in the government fight for justice and freedom of religious expression for its citizens. 

Team report: “We praise and thank the Lord that we were able to do ministry in this place. Many people who do not know Jesus came to watch the movie. We have sowed the seeds of love in this community and believe God will work in hearts to make more disciples. Thank you for praying for us.”


November 22-30

Prayer Points

  • More than 25 million Nepalese have yet to be reached with the gospel. Pray the ten JESUS Film teams serving here can find innovative and effective ways to share the Good News.
  • Nepal is ranked 32nd among places most dangerous to follow Christ. Pray for Jesus to be made known among peoples with hardened hearts in difficult-to-access locations.
  • Several teams in Nepal are awaiting equipment to continue ministry. Pray God provides means to deliver the necessary equipment to them soon.

Team report: “We met Bishnu, who said her mother accepted Jesus at age 68, and often shared about His love, redemption, and salvation. Bishnu was never interested. Her mother died at age 78, and she deeply missed her. We explained if she chose to follow Christ, she would one day never be apart from her mother again. She cried and realized the truth of Jesus. We prayed with her and she accepted Christ!”