Decisions and Opportunities

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Luke 19:10 (NIV)

Dear Friends & Partners,

You and I make thousands of big and small decisions each day.

We decide when to get up, what words to use with our friends and family members, and how we spend our time, to name a few.

Every decision we make is an opportunity
to reflect Christ in our lives.

Do you remember the day you made a decision for Christ — accepting the most important, life-changing opportunity? It is a decision that isn’t dependent on your past actions, but on God’s grace. As Max Lucado wrote, “one good choice for eternity offsets a thousand bad ones on earth.”

JESUS Film Harvest Partners is all about providing every person in the world this opportunity. Your prayers and support are helping reach people from all walks of life and cultures. Read what happened when Andrew in Sierra Leone was confronted with Christ:

“I watched the JESUS film in my community after I was invited by a friend. I agreed to go because I thought it was a movie for entertainment. I am from a Christian background, though I never went to church and hated the idea of religion.

The film made a great impact in my life. I was deeply touched when I saw Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. I felt God speaking to me to humble myself and surrender my life to Him. I watched the film all four nights. Every night, I felt God was giving me a big opportunity to turn my life over to Him.

On the last night, I finally stepped out during the altar call and gave my life to Jesus. Since that night, I have experienced great peace and my life has never remained the same.

I now find joy in the things of God—in attending church services and discipleship classes. I desire to know more about God so I can serve Him for the rest of my life.

Within this short period of time, I have seen God move in my life.
I am seeing what I missed all the time that I was on my own.

God has been good to me. I am very grateful I now have a personal relationship with Him.”

Be blessed and encouraged today—we all can share in Andrew’s joy! I pray that your light shines brightly as you inspire others to live like Christ.

You are loved.

Brian Helstrom
Executive Director


We believe no person should
go without the opportunity
to hear about Jesus Christ.

With your help, we can reach even more precious people with the Good News.

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