Special Edition: THRIVE

Dear Friends and Partners,

The following special note is from a missionary serving in a country where it is unsafe to be a Christian.
Despite this, God is moving through the JESUS film and passionate Christ-followers there — redeeming, restoring, and renewing…helping people THRIVE in Him.
I pray you are blessed by these words today.

You are loved.

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My wife and I consulted with the Lord about the best way to do this, and showing the JESUS film was the first thing that came to our minds.

One day, I met George* when he drove me to church in his taxi. I invited him in, but he refused, explaining that he did not believe in God. The Holy Spirit told me to persevere by continuing to work with this man. 

I invited George to take me many places around the nation. On one of our numerous trips in the mountains, he asked me if I still had “that Jesus movie that you told me about once.” I said I did, and even had it in his language! 

He asked to watch it at that very moment. 

At the end of the movie, tears came streaming down his face. 

Praise God – George made a decision for Christ, and the fruit of his transformation is remarkable. He has led his wife, mother, and daughter to accept Christ.

You can sense the Holy Spirit through the JESUS film. The people here love the story of Jesus, and I know the film is going to make a huge impact in this country.

We are working to disciple people, home by home. Please pray for us as we use the film to establish the body of Christ in this nation.

A Missionary in Eurasia

*Names withheld for the safety of the Christ-followers.

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