It starts with a seed!

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.”


Galatians 5:22 (NIV)


Dear Friends & Partners,

20-year-old Jacob* in Pakistan hated listening to his father drone on about following Christ and being kinder in his actions. Every time his father tried to share God’s Word with him, Jacob ignored him.

Instead, Jacob relentlessly pursued women and worldly pleasures. For years, he wasted his time and money with people who encouraged this fruitless lifestyle. 

One day, Peter*, a young JESUS Film team member, knocked on his door. Peter invited Jacob’s family to watch a movie. Because they enjoyed his company, they happily accepted and arrived in a field where many people had gathered. 

Jacob tried his best to hate the movie. Despite his bad mood, he grew increasingly impressed by Christ as he watched.

He had never known a human like Jesus. The crowd’s cruelty struck Jacob as he watched Christ be crucified. Seeds of love and forgiveness began to sprout in his heart. His friends were shocked — tears were streaming down his face. 

Jacob confessed his sins. He said, “I realized real happiness is found in Christ and gave my life to Him. I shared this great news with my family. They are so happy and I am growing spiritually each day. Thank you for bringing the church and JESUS film into my life.”

Jacob’s story is powerful because we can see God’s perfect plan, which always starts with a seed. Jacob’s father planted the initial gospel seeds in his son’s life. Jacob pursued the opposite of this and reaped nothing in return.  

When Peter and the JESUS Film team showed up at Jacob’s door, their godly lifestyle was a beacon to Jacob, tilling seeds planted earlier.

As Jacob watched the JESUS film, these gospel seeds were cultivated. Through discipleship and the local church, they are now growing into a beautiful garden. 

“Giving is an act of generosity. Giving is sowing a seed. The seed will produce a great harvest of fruits,” Lailah Gifty Akita, Ghanaian Author. As a Harvest Partner, your gifts make this great harvest possible. 

You have contributed to Jacob’s story, whether by praying, delivering equipment, or providing support to teams. Thank you for helping scatter gospel seeds around the world. God is working through JESUS Film teams and tools to plant, till, cultivate, and grow these seeds into remarkable fruit.

You are loved.

Brian Helstrom
Executive Director


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