Dear Friends & Partners,

For years, Brother Obaid prayed for someone to come to his Pakistani village and share the Good News. Unfortunately, time and time again, he saw denominations and nonprofits abandon this effort, claiming the village was ‘too poor’ to plant a church.

Pakistan JESUS Film team #21 was the first group who did not give up on them.

The JESUS film gave Obaid the resource, and his interaction with church leaders truly gave him encouragement that God had not forgotten their village,” Aneel, JESUS Film Pakistan Coordinator explained.

Since the initial film showing in this village, more than 300 villagers have made decisions for Christ! This JESUS Film team has made the 24-hour drive from the mainland many times, committing to discipling new believers. Obaid, now a pastor, is filled with hope as his flock learns about Christ and gathers for worship weekly.

You can be involved in this team! Team #21 plans to build God’s Kingdom in many places like this Pakistani village, but they need your prayers and financial support to continue. Would you consider making this a “$30 Thursday” by giving $30 or more today?

Pakistan team #21’s persistence to reach the lost is the perfect reflection of the lengths God has gone to find and rescue you and me. As individuals, the lengths we can go to are constrained by financial and physical limitations. Together, as the hands and feet of God’s plan to redeem Pakistan and this world, we can move mountains.

Thank you for coming alongside Pakistan team #21 to show the world that God’s people are unforgotten, His love is unshakable, and His Good News is unstoppable.

You are loved.

Brian Helstrom
Executive Director


P.S. No amount is insignificant! If you give and we collectively raise $15,000, this equates to a whole year of funding. Each dollar will help encourage and support these passionate evangelists.