Focused on Him: Why Meena Continues

Dear Friends & Partners,

We have so many challenges,
but we are committed to serving the Lord.

In the beginning of our ministry, it was very tough. People came at us with guns. They didn’t understand who we were or why we were here. They threatened us, insulted us, and underestimated us. 

Satan tries to bring hurdles and challenges, but our focus is on the Lord. When we are focused, He will help us through.

In the story of Peter walking on the water, as long as Peter’s eyes were focused on Jesus, he was walking. When he saw the storm and everything around him, he started drowning. But then Jesus offered His hand and helped him up.

Discouragement is the biggest enemy that Satan tries to bring into our lives. We are nice to people, then they say and do evil things. We get hurt because we are human beings. 

When we come to the presence of God and leave our hurts there, we know who we are and why we serve Him. Position or money can go away at any moment. Put God first in everything and He will take care of the rest. 

When our eyes are focused on Him, let people say and do
anything they want – we are focused on reaching out to people. 

During the JESUS film, people ask, why is this God not saving Himself like many of their gods and goddesses did? You will find these gods with many weapons in their hands. Their gods came to this world to destroy evil. But our Jesus came to reform the lives of evil ones, not destroy them.

So many lives have been transformed. Countless drug addicts and criminals now serve as pastors. Why? Because that is Christ’s redemption in their lives. 

In Christ,

Pastor’s Wife in South Asia

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