He had no reason to live...

Dear Friends & Partners,

Sixty-six-year-old Milton in Ecuador had no reason to live. He struggled with addiction, which led to his economic downfall. His wife left him and his only son died. For years, he felt alone. 

Three years ago, a friend from Milton’s youth generously offered him a place to live. His friend attended church, inviting him every Sunday. Milton noticed how happy his friend was. But every Sunday, Milton turned him down. He didn’t believe in God, nor pastors, nor churches. 

Three months ago, Milton realized how persistent his friend had been across the years of these weekly invitations. He decided to attend one church service. The service began with several clips from the JESUS film, which he had to admit intrigued him. After the service, the pastor and many others hugged Milton. His heart was moved, and he found himself attending weekly services. 

Three weeks ago, the pastor spoke about the love of God, and Milton could no longer resist the call and God’s mercy.

For the first time in 66 years, he stood and declared Jesus as his Lord and Savior with his heart and mouth. Today, Milton finally has peace and indescribable joy.

Friends, there are so many places like Milton’s community in Ecuador that we may never go. There are so many people desperate for hope that we may never meet. However, JESUS Film teams are going — building relationships and persistently showing these lost people the love of Christ.

People are the only thing we can bring with us to heaven. I am confident Milton will be waiting there to meet and hug you for the part you played in helping him find Jesus.

You are loved.


Brian Helstrom
Executive Director