A breath of hope, life, and love...

Dear Friends & Partners,

The screen was hung on the pole structure, and for the next few hours under the night sky, Jesus was lifted up. People from the neighborhood wandered in to see what was happening and stayed to follow the story. 

In Togo, a place where superstition and witchcraft create fear and submission, people learned about redemptive grace. They found truth in the story, spoken by Jesus Himself in a language they understood.

At the end, when the JESUS Film team offered a prayer of deliverance from the burdens of sin in their lives, 21 people chose to allow Jesus to become Lord of their lives. Among them was Fatima, a young woman who asked for prayer. 

For years, when Fatima went to work in the gardens, a blackbird would appear and cry out. Each time, she found herself overcome by oppression and would pass out. When she awoke, she felt as if a snake poured out of her mouth and slithered away. She had been cursed with an evil spirit and was desperately seeking freedom from this bondage.

We laid hands on Fatima and anointed her with oil as we prayed for her deliverance. The next day, she brought all her witchcraft items. The JESUS Film team helped Fatima burn these items as she testified that she no longer felt the oppression that had dominated her life.

Stories like Fatima’s had people rejoicing and singing and dancing at church the next morning. In a place where many times survival from diseases, hardships, and oppression is all people can focus on, came a breath of hope, life, and love. Because of Christ, these believers found strength and are committed to reaching others to share this same hope.

Investing in the lives of these faithful leaders is a worthy cause. Equipping the saints for works of good service is part of being an international church with a passion for reaching the lost.

One day, there will be a celebration before the throne of God, and the long line of generations from every tribe and nation will dance before the Lord. Will someone be there because of what you did? Oh, how I want to be in that number! How about you?

Tim Eby

JESUS Film Africa Regional Coordinator