Thrilling Glimpses of God at Work

Peggy Hephner – Harvest Partner


A few years ago, God led Wichita (KS) First Nazarene to plan a citywide Clean Water 5K to raise funds for a Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) borehole well in Africa.

As our Father often does, He worked out numerous details — both large and small — to form perfect connections far beyond our expectations. But that is hindsight. 

Truth be told, we were operating on a seed of faith as we planned this 5K — a prayerful hope to raise $8,000 for a well in Malawi that would bring life-giving water to several hundred villagers. 

NCM wells are built on church property, so these wells bring hundreds of people to a church every day and give pastors and other Christians regular opportunities to share the Living Water with those who collect physical water at the well. What could be more biblical? 

NCM sent us pictures of the site in Malawi that would receive the well. We prayed over these precious pictures, knowing the folks there walked miles each day in search of water as they waited for the outcome of our race. We also knew the water they currently fetched was dangerous to their health. This put extra pressure on us as we wondered if we would raise enough money for their well. 

As I peered into the pictures of the village, I noticed a JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) Bible Story Cloth draped over the front of the pulpit. My heart soared as I realized a JESUS Film team had been in our village at some time. 

As a JFHP board member and unabashed fan of our devoted teams, I’ve seen how much prayer goes into every aspect of this ministry. I’ve witnessed God at work and have heard hundreds of miracle stories. With this vision of the Bible Story Cloth, assurance calmed my anxious heart.

I KNEW God was at work in this place and would accomplish His plan and purpose for His beloved children there!