Raising up Timothys

Dear Friends & Partners,

JESUS Film teams around the world are raising up
youth to evangelize, disciple, and lead.

In Ghana, leaders like Paul are intentionally training and discipling young men to become strong, self-sufficient JESUS Film team members and leaders. Paul warmly refers to these men as his “Timothys,” and encourages them to courageously bring the Good News of Jesus to all corners of their country.

Isaac is a member of Ghana team #6. He works as a mechanic full-time in addition to living as one of these “Timothys.” Paul has discipled Isaac, who now pastors two churches. Isaac said, “I have my personal job and I’m also working for the Lord. If I seek the Lord first, everything else falls into place.”

Paul and Isaac’s story is just one of many examples of how JESUS Film teams intentionally raise up the lives of future generations. Because of your support, these faithful leaders can disciple future leaders to continue the work of fulfilling the Great Commission in their communities, nations, and the furthest reaches of the world. Will you consider helping support team members like Paul to disciple and train a new generation of Kingdom workers? Thank you for your partnership.


You are loved.


Brian Helstrom
Executive Director