The Gospel cannot be locked down

Dear Friends & Partners,

According to Google, there was a 170% spike in searches for Psalm 91 in recent months. People are literally searching for hope amidst the social and economic disruption of COVID-19. With over 17,000 confirmed cases, Nepal is no exception.

Ganga, Nepal JESUS Film Country Coordinator explained, “COVID-19 infections are increasing more and more. We have been seeing people who are depressed because of the lockdown. They are lacking basic needs, losing their jobs, and facing housing instability. Many people are committing suicide.   

Until the government announces it is okay to hold gatherings, there is no public transportation. JESUS Film leaders are unable to move from one place to another to share the gospel of Christ through JESUS film showings.”

In the midst of this pandemic, we receive encouraging reports from JESUS Film teams who are still finding positive ways to provide physical relief and spiritual help to their communities.

Ganga continued: “Even though our team leaders also lack necessities, they are still helping others from resources they do have and serving the Lord continually. They have shared the gospel around their surrounding communities and people have accepted Jesus and been baptized. 

Some of these believers have faced persecution from their families and been expelled from their homes; team leaders have provided refuge for them in their churches. Some also lack food, and JESUS Film teams have provided food for them. We need your continued prayers and support.”

I’ve heard from other countries around the world and Ganga’s report is very representative of their stories. Many places under lockdown put people in a difficult position to find a way to survive. Our JESUS Film teams are attempting to reach people and selflessly share their resources ⁠— using this tough season as an opportunity to share the gospel, even if they cannot formally establish a Preaching Point. 

No matter the swirl around us, Psalm 91 reminds us — and those we are seeking to evangelize — to look above the physical and set our sights on heavenly realities. Teams truly appreciate your faithful prayers and support as they continue to share the hope we have in Christ around the world.


Daniel Herrera
Field Services Director

Jesus Film Harvest Partners