A Gospel Springboard

Dear Friends and Partners,

It has been a busy year. The coronavirus pandemic led us to adapt our ministry strategies. It has actually allowed us to find new ideas for sharing the gospel, and served as a springboard to win new souls.

We were trained by the government health department on how to prevent the virus. We presented our knowledge and raised COVID-19 awareness before each screening of the film. This made it possible to multiply the number of showings by three!

We have exercised compassion by distributing masks, soap, hand sanitizer, and other items to those in need. People see the church as a refuge.

We have also helped build temporary shelters for new Christians to gather. After showings, our emphasis has been on discipleship using orality tools, which is ongoing.

The JESUS film material is a strong tool that helps win souls to Christ. We thank the Lord for these resources which allow us to be where people need us.

JESUS Film Country Coordinator
Coté d’Ivoire

We pray you are encouraged by the remarkable stories and results!