Spiritual + Physical Remedies

What if conflict between two groups became so intense and dangerous in your community that several men died, the local church shut down, and things seemed hopeless? 

This was one village’s reality for more than seven years after fighting between two tribes escalated in Papua New Guinea.

A student from this village had fled this conflict and attended the Nazarene Nursing College in Kudjip, Papua New Guinea. Graduates leave with not only a nursing degree, but also a certificate of lay ministry. The college’s dual focus on providing physical help and eternal hope inspired her to request a showing of the JESUS film in her village.

“[The college] intentionally trains its nurses to be ministers of the gospel. Their hope and aim is that when these nurses go out, they will be able to help start churches in remote areas,” Jeff Myers, the Papua New Guinea JESUS Film Country Coordinator, said.

White Kintak, president of the Nazarene College of Nursing, explained how in Papua New Guinean culture, “When there is a fight and people die, families are not allowed to come together or even greet each other,” which is what makes what happened next even more incredible.