Do It Yourself

Use the JESUS film to witness to your community!

Step one: Equip

  • The JESUS film and other powerful films can be viewed in any of the 1,900+ available languages through the Jesus Film Project app. This app is available for iOS and Android.
  • The film can be viewed and downloaded on the Jesus Film Project’s website. DVD copies of the film can be purchased at the Cru store or by calling 1-800-827-2788.
  • To show the film to large groups, use a DVD player, projector, and a screen. If you would like to purchase any equipment that JESUS Film teams use, click here.
  • Read about other evangelism tools that you can purchase and use.

Step two: pray and plan

  • Pray that God will bless your church with a vision and burden to reach the lost. Share the film with those you think would make good volunteers at your event.
  • Pray about who God wants you to reach in your community. Pray that God will convict the hearts of the people in the community.
  • Ask God for wisdom and creativity in planning your event. View simple evangelism strategies and prior event success stories.
  • Preparation may take weeks — develop a strategy that allows sufficient time for each step.

Step Three: Invite

  • A personal invitation is the most effective. Attempt to invite as many of your guests as possible in person.
  • Consider using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to invite community members to your showing.
  • Display posters and distribute flyers. Create your own or download and print resources here.

Step Four: Press Play

  • If you would like to share an overview of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry at your event, view and download available presentations here.

Step Five: Follow-Up

  • It is vital to follow-up with and disciple those who make decisions for Christ at your showing. Click here for the suggested follow-up steps.


Speak with a JFHP representative today by calling 913-663-5700 or by emailing