Prepare the Way: Nyadeng's story

Nyadeng in Ethiopia testified, “I attended church, but never really understood the Bible because I couldn't read. Today after receiving discipleship through the Bible Story Cloth pictures, I am truly learning God's Word.” Nyadeng is now a faithful Christian, sharing what she learns with her friends. Orality tools are making a difference in many lives! Praise God!

Ethiopia team report

Pray for Ethiopia

More than 36.5 million Ethiopians in 38 people groups remain unreached by the Good News.

Will you pray for the 32 JESUS Film teams working there to find creative and powerful ways to reach these people with the hope of the gospel?

Many new Christ-followers are persecuted by their own family and friends. Pray for their security as well as their faith to be strengthened through discipleship.
Ethiopian teams have a unique ministry strategy where new and seasoned believers work as a team. Because of this, over 97% of Ethiopians who make a decision for Christ receive discipleship follow-up. Praise God for these believers’ zealous faith and the continually multiplying harvest in Ethiopia!
Ethiopian teams share the gospel with many refugee camps. Pray for the teams to build bridges across cultures and help refugees discover the hope of Christ.
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