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This minute, there are more than 3 billion individuals living in people groups with little knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Extend your reach as a Harvest 120 Sponsor. By faithfully giving $30 or more a month,
you will support JESUS Film teams as they share the gospel in 57 countries around the world.

Enable Transformation

Harvest 120 sponsorships are sustaining gifts which enable teams to continue to evangelize,
disciple, and plant new churches through the JESUS film and other vital tools.

How It Works

Historically, for every $3 given to JESUS Film Harvest Partners, an average of one person makes a decision for Christ. This means by giving just $1 a day, each Harvest 120 Sponsor is personally responsible for 120 decisions for Christ over the course of 12 months!

As a Harvest 120 sponsor, you will receive quarterly updates on the direct impact you make possible — exclusive new stories of transformed lives.

In just one month, Harvest 120 Sponsors Enable...

JESUS Film teams are committed
to giving every person an opportunity to hear about
Jesus Christ, but they can't accomplish this alone.

Make a commitment with eternal significance and

extend your reach today!

Forever Changed

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