To forge strategic partnerships that increase evangelistic exposures and bring new believers into discipleship.


To give every person an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.



On August 29, 1997, Campus Crusade for Christ initiated a partnership with World Missions (the Church of the Nazarene), to show the JESUS film to lost people around the world.

Campus Crusade provided the equipment, the 16mm films, and the training on how to effectively use the JESUS film. The Church provided the leadership and workers around the world to show the film, disciple new believers, and start new churches.

We began to see a response every time we showed the film. We knew if these young believers were going to grow in their faith, they needed access to a local body of believers — a local church. The Church of the Nazarene fit this need so tremendously because of their emphasis on follow-up and discipleship. It seemed like a perfect match and it has proven to be that exactly.
Paul Eshleman, Original Director of Jesus Film Project, Campus Crusade for Christ

This historic partnership was the first of its kind. Never before had a denomination committed to make the film a main strategy for evangelism.

One of our local leaders in Ecuador said, before, we were fishing with a fishing hook. All of a sudden with the JESUS film, we were fishing with dynamite. This tool has enabled a major impact on the world for Jesus.
Louie Bustle, Retired Director of World Missions, Church of the Nazarene