Deliver equipment to a team in need

Do you have a love for the Lord,
a taste for adventure,
and a desire to reach the lost for CHRIST?

Plan a self-led Ministry Trip with as few as two and up to twenty brothers and sisters in Christ!

JFHP Ministry Trips are the most important way JESUS Film teams receive equipment. Your group will experience the life-changing power of the gospel as God works through JESUS Film teams in 67 countries around the world.



On a Ministry Trip, your group joins together to equip a JESUS Film team and serve alongside them for five to ten days. Your group will deliver equipment and valuable resources, share the gospel through powerful evangelism tools such as the JESUS film, and assist with compassionate ministries or service projects.

Equipment needs by country

Where would YOU like to deliver equipment?


CHOOSE your Ministry Trip destination and dates from this list of countries where JESUS Film equipment is needed.


PROMOTE your Ministry Trip within your church, small group, or business. Click here for a video about who makes a good fit for your team.

RAISE funds for an equipment set, travel, field expenses, extra projects (optional), and insurance for your group. The JFHP office will happily provide you with relevant contact information, assist you in obtaining travel insurance and answer any questions that arise.
Cost of a Ministry Trip:
  • Equipment set: $4,000 – $6,000, depending on a JESUS Film team’s needs
  • Food, lodging, and ministry expenses: Approximately $75 per person/day
  • Airfare: Varies based on destination
  • Optional extra projects (i.e. service projects, children’s ministry, etc.): $2,500 for Central America trips, for example


RECEIVE, TEST, and PACK the equipment set you are delivering to a JESUS Film team.


PRAY for your trip, the JESUS Film team you will work with, and for those who will meet Christ through the resources you provide.


Travel to your destination with the equipment set.


MEET a JESUS Film team and TRAIN them how to use the equipment.


Make an eternal IMPACT and be impacted as you show the JESUS film, assist with discipleship follow-up, observe the Kingdom of God growing and flourishing, and love and serve a community through service.