He reigns! - AUGUST 2022

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
Psalm 90:14 (ESV)


Teams in Africa helped 352,750 people make decisions for Christ last year. The Kingdom is multiplying!


map   August 1 - 7

   Teams: 5 | Team members: 28 | Languages: 4




Prayer Points:

  • A mere 11% of the population identifies with Christianity today. Pray against the cultural influences of occult practice and radical religions. Pray for JESUS Film teams to make Kingdom waves in Sierra Leone.
  • Pray for true stability, sustained peace, and a decisive end to government corruption.
  • Pray for restoration and wholeness for those who have suffered the atrocities of war.

Hawa's testimony: "Life has been extremely difficult for me. My parents disowned me and I have been struggling to make ends meet. I met some other girls who are prostitutes, and eventually joined them. I came to know about the JESUS film through an elderly woman. As I watched Jesus suffer on the cross, I realized how much God loves me. I felt bad for the way I have been living my life. I could not sleep that night and returned the next night to watch the film again. At the end of the film, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Since that day, my life has changed. I pray that my parents and friends in prostitution will also come to know Jesus."



   August 8 - 14

   Teams: 4 | Team members: 28 | Languages: 7




Prayer Points:

  • Tanzania teams presented the gospel 63 times and made over 17,200 evangelistic contacts in the last year! Pray for seeds to sprout and multiply in the hearts of those who heard the Good News.   
  • Tanzania remains an island of peace amidst troubled nations. Pray for the over one million refugees who flee violence in their own lands to find hope and peace in Jesus Christ.
  • Praise God for this report from team #3: "We have seen the hand of God during this pandemic! We are eager to fulfill the Great Commission."

Team report: "40-year-old Asinati had a terrible headache for one and a half years. He attended the showing on the third night and told us he had tried every medicine and herb possible, but nothing helped his pain. We prayed with him and he was healed. He said he wanted to know more about the Great Physician who healed him. He confessed his sins, repented, and asked God for forgiveness. We give God the glory for what He has done!"



   August 15 - 21

   Teams: 7 | Team members: 25 | Languages: 6




Prayer Points:

  • Pray for JESUS Film teams and the church in Zimbabwe to raise up strong, spirit-filled leaders to point the people of their broken nation to Christ.
  • Poverty grips millions in Zimbabwe. Pray for God to restore this once-prosperous land and to use His people to bring relief to the decades of suffering. Pray also for a moral, visionary government to rebuild the nation.

"We showed the JESUS film on Easter, and a single mother of three who had given up on life realized that Jesus was there for her. She accepted Christ and is now an active member of our new church. The church is located in a place called Dark City because there is no electricity there. We pray the establishment of a strong church will bring Christ’s light to this dark city."



   August 22 - 31

   Teams: 4 | Team members: 13 | Languages: 5




Prayer Points:

  • 14.2 million people in Senegal have yet to be reached with the gospel. Pray for JESUS Film teams and the small body of believers to boldly live out their faith in a way that draws many to Christ.
  • Praise God for the 26 Preaching Points teams planted in Senegal in the last year! Pray for these indigenous church plants to thrive and multiply among the many unreached people groups.
  • Over 25% of the nation’s population, including 60 ethnic groups, reside in the city of Dakar. Pray for this city to become a source of gospel light for the whole country.

"My name is Amadou, chief of this village. I thank the JESUS Film team for showing us this movie. This is my first time ever hearing about Jesus. Seeing Him suffer and die for the salvation of humanity in my language touched me a lot. I asked the team to return for another screening. Thank you for sharing this message with us!"