Take Heart - October 2022

So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:6–7 (ESV)


JESUS Film teams take courageous steps each month — boldly declaring the hope of the gospel to all around them.


map   October 1 - 7

  Teams: 7 | Team members: 15 | Languages: 5




Prayer Points:

  • Niger ranks thirty-third among the countries where it is most dangerous to follow Jesus. Pray that God would grant Nigerien believers the courage to share their faith with others. 
  • Terrorism and attacks by rebel groups plague Niger. Pray for God's peace and safety to replace violence and chaos in the country.
  • Some of the least-reached tribal people groups in the world live in Niger. Pray for JESUS Film teams to find creative ways to share the Good News with many of these unreached people.

Idoissa's testimony: "I am a petrol station attendant in a rural area. I would often steal gasoline from the station for resale, or charge travelers in need more money. I made a lot of profit from this, but today I understand the message of God in my life. I will no longer steal because the Lord has transformed me. I give my life to Christ!"



   October 8 - 14

   Teams: 20 | Team members: 52 | Languages: 14




Prayer Points:

  • Over 54 million Kenyans live in the country and speak over 60 languages. Pray that JESUS Film teams can reach and connect with people in their heart language.
  • Kenya recently experienced a change in leadership. Pray for the new leaders to make decisions that honor God and improve people’s lives. Pray that these changes bring greater peace and unity among Kenyans.
  • Pray for fresh Holy Spirit fire among the majority, though nominal, Christian population.

Team report: "Mulusi has been so sick that he has been unable to walk. His family tried herbal medicines and witchcraft, but nothing helped. His family brought him to watch the JESUS film. Our team prayed for him. After prayer, he was able to stand up. Then, he began to walk! We glorified God for what He had done. Rejoice and pray with us that Mulusi's testimony will encourage others and bring them to Christ."



   October 15 - 21

  Teams: 2 | Team members: 8 | Languages: 11




Prayer Points:

  • Flooding, COVID-19, and violence from rebel fighting are major issues plaguing the country. Pray for those affected by these widespread conflicts, including the many who have been displaced from their homes and separated from their families. Pray for the church in South Sudan to be empowered to broker peace, extend compassion, and bring reconciliation.
  • JESUS Film teams are striving to show the film in every home in their country. Pray for South Sudanese people to reject ethnic hatred, embrace the gospel, and demonstrate love and forgiveness.

Team report: "A village of 4,000 people had no Christ-followers. A student from the village befriended our JESUS Film Coordinator. They talked about Christ, and he invited our team to his village. Many came to watch the film, and nearly 100 people accepted Jesus, including the chief! The chief even donated the land to build the church. That was a joyful night; every new believer took discipleship classes, and the church grows daily!"



   October 22 - 31

   Teams: 10 | Team members: 42 | Languages: 9




Prayer Points:

  • Last year alone, Mali teams reported over 27,600 people who made decisions for Christ — praise God!
  • Mali is the twenty-fourth most dangerous country to follow Jesus. Pray for the stability and normalization of life in Mali, which is critical to suppressing extremist groups and returning peace to communities.
  • Lift up believers who have been displaced by violence and have attempted to start their lives in new areas after losing everything. Ask God to comfort their hearts in their loss and support them through the ministry of believers in their midst.

Chatou's testimony: "My entire family is Muslim, but I was dissatisfied with the religion. I really admired the behavior of Christians. I watched the movie about Jesus and was filled with joy. Jesus healed a lot of sick people and gave weary people hope. I realized it is through Him that we can find eternal salvation. I gave my life to Jesus as my Savior. I pray that God will also transform my family."