JESUS Film Harvest Partners is a Kingdom-building ministry devoted to world evangelism through the JESUS film and other tools. For 25 years, JFHP has equipped and supported JESUS Film teams of local people to do evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

Multiply Kingdom Growth

You can help 1,109 teams (including 149 new teams) use the most advanced
technology to share the story of Jesus with people in their own countries!

Advanced technology has upgraded the available equipment to use for this work!

Help Teams Prepare the Way


Join the JFHP Prayer Partner Team!

Be a part of a global community of thousands of people who are committed to reaching the lost through prayer. As a JFHP Prayer Partner, you will receive ministry updates and country-specific prayer requests in your inbox on the first of each month.


Also available in Spanish: Reciba un correo mensual con peticiones de oración y alabanzas para cada semana provenientes de todo el mundo. Cada semana se enfoca en un país distinto que tiene ministerio activo de Película JESÚS.



 Would you consider giving a gift of $25 or more to equip teams in celebration of our 25th anniversary?


Plan a self-led Ministry Trip with as few as two and up to twenty brothers and sisters in Christ!
These trips are the most important way JESUS Film teams receive equipment. Your group will deliver equipment and valuable resources, share the gospel through powerful evangelism tools, and assist with compassionate ministries or service projects. Learn more and discover what countries need equipment at