Where Two or More Gather

Where Two or More Gather — Nepal:

Amir had followed Christ for many years. His life had been very difficult since his conversion, as he was the only believer in his village.

He was frequently shamed by villagers who worshiped many gods. Some even petitioned to revoke Amir's use of the village well. Throughout these difficulties, he remained firm in following Jesus.

Amir was overjoyed when the JESUS Film team brought the film to his village. He went door-to-door inviting villagers and more than 100 people came to the showing!

The viewers carefully watched the film and seemed to understand it. After the film, three people committed their lives to Jesus. Amir cried tears of joy that his prayer had been answered.

Now he has a family in Christ to fellowship with! He begged our team not to leave that night so we could all attend a party he threw with the three new believers. We sang hymns and danced. The night was so joyous and unforgettable.
Nepal Team Leader