God is moving through JESUS Film teams around the world!

More teams are sharing the gospel than ever before, and you have the chance to be a part of His work. Support Kingdom-building momentum by providing teams with much-needed equipment, transportation, or sponsorship.


Your motorbike gift brings teams unprecedented opportunities to share the Good News with more people from every culture and nation, and in less time than ever before!

Motorbikes needs by country

Benin: 7
Chile: 4
Guinea Conakry: 6
Liberia: 1
Paraguay: 2
Sierra Leone: 2
Togo: 5
Uruguay: 2
Venezuela: 6
Zambia: 5
Zimbabwe: 2

42 motorbikes at $2,000 || Total need = $84,000


JESUS Film equipment allows teams to show the film to up to 1,000 people at one time, and can be carried by just one team member!

Large Solar Set needs by country:

Benin—2 ($8,000)
Malawi—3 ($12,000)
Mozambique—4 ($16,000)
Nepal—5 ($20,000)
Nigeria—2 ($8,000)
Paraguay—2 ($8,000)
Senegal—2 ($8,000)
South Africa—1 ($4,000)
Zimbabwe—2 ($8,000)

Total need = $92,000

Retrofit 31 Bangladesh Teams with New Equipment Parts

Total need = $10,000

Teams in new Areas

Your team sponsorship encourages and equips a JESUS Film team working in areas the ministry has never been before to faithfully evangelize, disciple, and plant churches for an entire year in their country!

Sponsorship needs by team & country:

Venezuela: VE025
Togo: TG006
Bangladesh: BD067

3 teams at $15,000 || Total need = $45,000

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