Prepare the Way: Yakob's story

“As a child, I used to go to Sunday school and memorize Bible verses with my friends, but I was a nominal Christian. I was not living according to God’s Word. Three weeks ago, two pastors visited and gave me an Audio Bible. They encouraged me to listen to it. The same night, as I was listening to it, God spoke to me through His Word. The Holy Spirit changed my life! I realized how sinful I am. I repented and accepted Jesus as my Savior. I now live for Jesus because He died for me and washed away my sins.”

Yakob South Asia

Pray for South Asia

South Asia has nearly seven times as many unreached people groups (3,661) as any other region of the world.

Will you pray for the 215 JESUS Film teams in Eurasia as they share the Good News with as many of these unreached people as possible?

Pray for teams to have divine wisdom and creativity in getting Bibles and other gospel resources into the hands of persecuted believers.
Pray for the encouragement of Christians, who are often the only believers in their village.
Praise God — the church in South Asia continues to grow, despite intense persecution and other obstacles. Pray for the strength and safety of the JESUS Film teams as they work to creatively share the gospel message.
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